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Friday, November 13
• 8 AM: Check-in + Participant Virtual Council Tutorial
• 9:30 AM: General Session
• Noon: Midday Break
• 1:30 PM: Council Committee Meetings
Saturday, November 14
• 9:30 AM: General Session


R20-1 Resolution to Acknowledge First Nations in Georgia
• Original resolution — View Here
• Submitted resolution to be considered at Council —View Here
R20-2 Resolution Opposing Georgia’s Citizen Arrest Law
• Original resolution — View Here
• Submitted resolution to be considered at Council —View Here

Documents & Resources

Thursday Worship Service Video — View Here
Nominees — View Here
Financial Reports
• 2021 Major Changes–Proposed Budget — View Here
• 2020 Treasurer's Report — View Here
• Global Mission Commission Energy Grants — View Here
• Global Mission Cape Coast Partnerships — View Here
• Vitality Report — View Here
• ECF Impact Report — View Here
2019 Council Minutes — View Here

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